Genki Yagawa Visiting Professor






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* Ph.D. University of Tokyo, 1970
* M.S. University of Tokyo, 1967
* B. S. University of Tokyo, 1965


*Computational Mechanics
*Solid Mechanics
*Fracture Mechanics

Working Experiences

* Visiting Professor, National Chung-Hsing University
* Emeritus Professor, University of Tokyo
* Emeritus Professor, Toyo University
* Chairman, Nuclear Safety Research Association, Japan

Professional Activities

* Member, Science Council of Japan
* Executive Council Member, International Association for Computational Mechanics (Former President)
* Executive Council Member, Asia-Pacific Association for Computational Mechanics (Former Secretary General)

Research Interests

* Meshfree Method
* Fluid-Structure Interaction

Selected recent publications

1) A surface-to-surface contact search method enhanced by deep learning, International Journal of Computational Mechanics, (to appear) ( A. Oishi, G.Yagawa)

2) Analyses of Fatigue Crack Propagation with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Method, Engineering Fracture Mechanics, (to appear) ( Koki Tazoe, Hiroto Tanaka, Masanori Oka, Genki Yagawa )

3) High-performance computing in simulation of milk crown, Computational Particle Mechanics, Vol.5, pp.1-8, 2018 ( M. Yokoyama, K. Murotani, G. Yagawa)

4) A sub-domain mashless method based on combination of weak and strong forms, International Journal of Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences, Vo.12, pp.106-111, 2018 (Y.M.Guo, T.Hamada, G.Yagawa, S. Kamitani)

5) Computational Mechanics Enhanced by Deep Learning, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Vol. 327, pp.327-351, 2017 (A. Oishi, G. Yagawa)

6) Analyses of Cantilever Beam Problem and Nonlinear Problem by Using Sub-Domain Meshless Method,DOI:10.1299/mej.17-00221,Mechanical Engineering Journal,Vol.4, No.6 (2017.12),pp.1-20 (Yong-Ming Guo, Genki Yagawa, Tatuya Hamada, Kouki Kawakubo, Shunpei Kamitani)

7) A meshless method with conforming and nonconforming sub-domains, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, Volume 110, Issue 9, pp.826-841, 2017, (Yong-Ming GUO, Genki YAGAWA)

8) Loading frequencies effects on the oxideinduced crack closure in extremely low stress intensity factor range, International Journal of Fracture, Fatigue & Wear, Vol. 4, 2016, pp.153-157 (K. Tazoe, M. Oka and G. Yagawa)

9) Simulation Results and its Performance by Using a Developing Eigenvalue Analysis Module of the ADVENTURE System, Procedia Engineering, Volume90, 140-146, 2014, (Itaru Ishikawa, Hiroshi Kawai, Yosuke Kobayashi, Ryuji Shioya, Genki Yagawa)

10) Some considerations on surface condition of solid in computational fluid-structure interaction, in NUMERICAL SIMULATIONS OF COUPLED PROBLEMS IN ENGINEERING, pp. 171-186, 2014, Springer International Publishing, (M.Yokoyama, K.Murotani, G.Yagawa, O.Mochizuki)

11) Some remarks on surface conditions of solid body plunging into water with particle method, Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences, 1:9, pp.1-14, 2014 (M.Yokoyama, Y.Kubota, K.Kikuchi, G.Yagawa, O.Mochizuki)

12) Accuracy improvement of collocation method by using the over-range collocation points for 2-D and 3-D problems, Mechanical Engineering Journal, Vol.1, No.2, pp.1-19, 2014 (Yong-Ming GUO, Kouji SHIOYA, Kei OOBUCHI, Genki YAGAWA, Shunpei KAMITANI)

13) Surface Condition of Solid in Splash Formation, EXPRESSIONS, Bulletin for the International Association for Computational Mechanics, No.34, pp.2-5, 2014 (M. Yokoyama, O.Mochizuki, G.Yagawa)

14) Experimental and analytical studies on the effect of excessive loading on fatigue crack propagation in piping materials, Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology, Transactions of the ASME, volume 135, issue 4, 2013 (Yamaguchi, Y., Katsuyama, J., Onizawa, K., Li, Y., Yagawa, G.)

15) Multi-Dimensional Moving Least Squares Method Applied to 3D Elasticity Problems, Engineering Structures, Vol.47, pp.45–53, 2013 (K. Sakihara, H. Matsubara, T. Edo, G. Yagawa)

16) Adaptive finite elements using hierarchical mesh and its application to crack propagation analysis, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Vol.253, pp.1-14, 2013 (K. Murotani, G. Yagawa, J-B. Choi)

17) Radius Parallel Self-Organizing Map, Journal of Computational Science and Technology, Vol.6, pp.16-27, 2012 (M. MASUDA, Y. NAKABAYASHI, G. YAGAWA)

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19) Free Mesh Method: fundamental conception, algorithms and accuracy study, Proceedings of the Japan Academy, Series B, Vol.87, No.4, pp.115-134, 2011 (G. Yagawa)

20) Resonant Behavior and Microfluidic Manipulation of Silicone Cilia Due to an Added Mass Effect, Soft Matter, No.7, pp.4325-4334, 2011 (T-R. Lee, K. Oh, J-H.Chung, Y-S.Chang, J-B. Choi, G. Yagawa, Y-J. Kim)

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