Advanced Data Science III" is the course of Institute of Data Science & Information Computing and Department of Applied Mathematics in National Chung Hsing University.


The lecturers will be Prof. Ching-Yun, Wang (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, USA) and Prof. Wen-Han Hwang(National Chung Hsing University).

l   All of the master’s students and undergraduate students are welcomed to participate in this course.

l   There are 1 credit certificate at the completion of the course.

l   This is an online course, but if the covid-19 epidemic eases, face-to-face teaching will also be conducted. The relevant information will be sent to you via email.

l   If you’re sure to take this course, please register from the QR code in the attachment poster. You can also see more detailed information in poster.

l   Deadline for Registration: 7/9 Friday 17:00