Open Tenure-Track Faculty Position


Open Tenure-Track Faculty Position

Institute of Data Science & Information Computing,

National Chung Hsing University


Job title

Assistant professor or above


At least 1

Job Summary

Teach courses of our department and institute at the graduate and undergraduate level. Perform and publish scholarly research. Participate in department, college, university, and professional service activities.

Minimum Qualifications

Doctoral degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Statistics or Mathematics related discipline.

Preferred Qualifications

Research and teaching interests that align with our  objectives, and those able to teach courses that meet our teaching requirements. Applied mathematics, information science, computing science, network security, statistics, and other related disciplines are preferred, and those with industry experience are better.

Start Date

February 1 or August 1

Application documents include

1. Curriculum vitae and application document

2. Certificates of degree and academic appointments

3. Official transcript

4. Research statement and contribution

5. Evidence of teaching experience (e.g., syllabus, etc.)

6. Publication list

7. Files of representative writing and reference writings

8. Statement of Contributions by the Co-authors for the Representative Publication

9. Two recommendation letters are required but can be sent after the interview

Above items 1, 6, 8 can be downloaded from: http://amath2.nchu.edu.tw/dataDL/data1.7z

◆Please send your application via amath@nchu.edu.tw


Contact information

Ms. Tung

Phone: +886 4-22840421 #450          Fax: +886 4-22873028

Email: amath@nchu.edu.tw

Address: 145 Xingda Rd., South Dist., Taichung City 402, Taiwan